Thursday, November 21, 2013

our little space

 so randy and i moved into our little apartment here in greenville back in june. i had every intention of posting a virtual tour of our space way back then, and here it is november. part of the reason for the delay is that it did take quite a while for us to get furniture since we moved cross country with only a card table and folding chairs for our furniture. and since we're the DIYers we are, it took longer searching and making the seating and tables we wanted within our budget and style. 
ok, so i also have to admit, another reason for the delay in photos was that i'm slightly insecure when it comes to things like this because i worry that the photo quality isn't good enough, or that our house isn't perfect enough to show. well, as those things may be very true, this is our space, and for now it is our home and we are very blessed with what God has provided for us. 
but do pardon the quality of the photos. we have only two windows in our apartment and only one in this part of the house, so lighting was a challenge for these pictures.
 one of the things i love most about our home is that most of the furniture and decor has been handmade by someone close to us. randy and i made some if it ourselves and other things have been made by other friends/family memebers.
bench: built by randy from old stair spindles he gathered from a job
pillow: made by my mom
afghan: i crocheted it
 canvas wall art: made my me
vinyl wall decal: designed and made by my sister, ellisha
 coffee table: built by randy from a tree he cut down
 pencil protrait by my talented brother nathan. he has an etsy shop too!
 couch: craigslist :)
 when you don't have enough book shelf space, you get creative. :)
 the entry way (actually it just opens up right into the living room and my craft space is just to the right.)
 inspirational wall art: handmade by pen and paint
embroidered state canvas art i made
license plate: memories of our first home in california will always be special. we also thought it was great that the date on the plate was the date we moved to SC. :)
 farmhouse table: built by randy (yes, my husband has skills! i just love him!)
chairs: rescued from the dumpster and repainted by sherry and me. 
wall art: i made
table runner: also made by my dear mother. 
i hope you enjoyed taking a little tour of our home, at least the main rooms. the kitchen is tiny, but we are blessed to have a little utility room off of it with a washer and dryer that were both given to us! our bedroom is a work in progress....
have you photographed your house? i'd love to take a tour!

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  1. Lovely job, Raechel! You've made your place a home, so beautifully! Thanks for sharing the tour!