Thursday, October 17, 2013

anniversary blessings

our lives are full and overflowing with God's goodness. our 2 year anniversary is just around the corner, and i feel so blessed to be randy's wife even more now than on our wedding day! each day is a gift! we took a little day trip for an early anniversary celebration since i don't get many weekends off work.
 we drove up to the beautiful mountains in north carolina and first stopped at an apple orchard. they had delicious fresh apple donuts and cider and oh, it was a perfect fall day for both!
 we picked about 15 pounds of apples and ate a few too many donuts, but it was lots of fun!

 we drove a little further to asheville and walked downtown some and of course stopped at this great coffee shop. hopefully my latte art will be that good someday. ;) this drink is called a cortado--something we had never tried before because not many coffee shops in america have all the traditional espresso drinks.
we were also able to visit the north carolina arboretum and have lunch at a unique little shop that made all kinds of fresh potato chips. 
it was a fun day and has been a wonderful 2 years of marriage. we are blessed and so thankful!


  1. Asheville is one of my favorite places every glad you had a good time and happy anniversary.

  2. Thank you Ronda! Yes, Asheville is lovely!