Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life with Baby

1-2 weeks: So many sweet visitors came to see Nolan while we were in St. Augustine. The wonderful church we were apart of there was such a blessing to us and many of them brought meals that guest week.
Nolan moved from St. Augustine, FL to Columbia, SC at one week old. He was a trooper for the 5 hour car ride and we've since discovered he loves his car seat and long car rides, which is a good thing with all the traveling we do.
3-4 weeks: my parents and Abigail came from New York to meet Nolan. It was a sweet time with them. 
5-6 weeks: Life with Nolan has gotten so much easier in that we've figured out feedings and become more mobile. Nolan and I can now run errands without Daddy's help! 
My brother Jared and his wife Anna visited us last week. It's been so fun introducing our little man to this Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Though there are still many family members who haven't met him yet.
Nolan also got to meet his friend Caleb! What a sweet boy Caleb is too. He even offered his pacifier to Nolan. 
At his recent Dr's visit, we found out that not only is he a wonderfully healthy baby but he's also in the 95th percentile for his height! No surprise there being a Ferguson boy. 
Randy has played in a few volleyball tournaments recently and Nolan has been a champ cheering his Dad on. 

Well I won't bore you with detailed updates EVERY week, but thought I would get some of these memories and milestones typed out before I forget. 
We're loving life with our sweet baby boy! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nolan Scott

Nolan Scott Ferguson made his appearance Thursday, June 11th at 5:30pm. He weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 21 3/4" long. We're very thankful for a safe, natural and healthy delivery at a wonderful birth center. We were so well cared for. Birthing this baby without any kind of medication was definitely the hardest thing I've ever done, but this sweet boy in my arms was so worth it. He is such an amazing baby, we are so blessed! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Preparing for Baby Boy

I thought it would be fun to do a little tour post of our bedroom as we prepare for baby to come and live with us in our tiny space. As you can see, our bedroom is basically the size of a queen sized bed plus a two foot wide walk space on one side. This is the space we had to work with for the baby bed. It was difficult finding a baby bed that would fit that space much less last us until he's 6 months old. So...once again, my talented husband came to the rescue. He built the bed and I painted it and made a mattress to go inside. It fits great in our bedroom, but doesn't leave much extra space. ;)
Maximizing storage space is crucial when our living space is less than 180 square feet, so the baskets underneath help with organizing blankets and storing diapers and wipes. 
Just a tiny walk space left and enough space for laundry. :)
 Baby boy was designated one cabinet in the bedroom and surprisingly all his stuff fits nicely. I was quite choosy in the things I got for him. Sweet friends and family have contributed a lot of his clothes, blankets and necessities and everyone has been very understanding of our small space. A few more outfits are hanging in my closet for him to grow into. 
Hope you've enjoyed the "nursery" tour. It's been a challenge, but lots of fun getting ready for a baby in such a small space. We're so ready for him to make his appearance. Any day now! :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Memorable Mother's Day

Randy sweetly insisted on celebrating my first Mother's Day even though I don't really feel like I've earned the title quite yet. But hey, a fun dinner date downtown? Let's celebrate!! :) Saint Augustine is an adorable old historic town with so many cool shops and restaurants. It's so quaint. We walked by this little British place and decided that's where we'd have our Mother's Day dinner--though it was Saturday night to avoid some of the Sunday crowds. After our lovely dinner of bangers and curried chicken, we stopped at another shop for some gelato. 
Though we weren't very dressed up, we were dressed a little nicer for the occasion. As we walked back through the narrow streets of the town to get to our car, I noticed a car pulling very close to the curb next to where I was walking on the sidewalk. Thinking they were trying to park I started to move over just a little when someone reached out of the car and grabbed my wallet out of my hand. I was still holding onto the strap and pulled back as hard as I could as I shouted out. The strap just broke off and the car drove away with my wallet including all my credit cards, iPhone, and just a little cash. Randy and I were both stunned. When we both realized what just happened, it occurred to us that we needed to get the license plate number. He ran out after the car, but soon lost them. We didn't have much hope of retrieving the wallet since all we had was a vague description of the car. 
Soon we were filling out reports with the police officer when he heard over his radio that someone had just reported the license plate number of the car we were describing. The wallet had been dumped! Two kind ladies had witnessed the whole thing in their car behind the thieves, and followed them till the wallet was discarded. The police handed me my wallet and I discovered the only things missing were about $20 cash and a handful of baby shower gift cards that I had just used the day before. They were mostly all empty! Praise the Lord! I was so relieved! 
Once we got home, the police officer called letting us know they had caught the thieves. Three girls. All blaming each other; no one wanting to take the responsibility. 
Though this event shook us up a little, these girls really didn't take anything from me. A few bucks isn't going to ruin my life, but what they're doing to themselves could possibly ruin their own lives. My heart went out to all of them. They may have been friends at the beginning of the night, but now they are probably enemies. I hope they have learned a valuable lesson from this before their desperation takes over their lives. But really, there can be no change in their hearts unless they find the One who can truly satisfy their deepest needs. 
We're so thankful none of us were hurt and our belongings were retrieved. The Lord is good!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Just a few highlights of the last few weeks here in Florida:
-Lots of walks on the beach, paddle board games, picnics, and just hanging out together. :)
-Homemade donuts for Randy and his coworkers.
-A visit to Tampa to see some of my relatives and a mini baby-moon. :)
-This husband of mine. I just fall in love with him more and more everyday. He's fun, adventurous, incredibly cute, and also, he makes baby beds (or at least ours). :) 
-A healthy, growing boy inside of me. Based on all his kicks and crazy dance moves, I think he's anxious to come see us, or at least we'd like to think so. 

We're enjoying our time in Florida. Randy probably just has a few weeks left on this current contract so it's very possible we'll be leaving the area shortly after the baby is born. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

St. Augustine Florida

Saint Augustine Florida has been a fun adventure so far. The city is the first founded city in the US, though it was founded even before the States became
united. There is so much history in this town and it's a lot of fun walking the streets and seeing all the charming old buildings.
This weekend was extra fun since Mark, Sherry, Peter and Missy came down to "camp" with us. It was too chilly over the weekend to spend much time at the beach, but we sure enjoyed other fun activities and some good cookouts and games around the camp fire.
We love having visitors and even though our trailer is small, hosting guests was still super fun! I'm looking forward to more of that this summer. So who wants to come visit?! ;)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Shower

I was so blessed by a beautiful, sweet baby shower for our little guy this weekend. Randy and I were able to make a weekend trip up to Greenville for this special event Sherry and her sister Missy planned. They did such an amazing job making it so pretty. Even my friend Angela from Washington was in town! I feel so blessed by these sweet friends! What a special time!