Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The House Hunt

I've been hesitant to post anything about "our house" since I realize anything can happen before the final closing. But I thought I'd give those interested a little update. 
Randy and I started looking for houses pretty seriously in February. We knew we didn't want to sign another lease on our apartment so we were aiming to buy a house by June. Since we travel a lot, the house hunting, offering, and closing process has been extra tricky. 
But! We found a great house in a great location that is move in ready, though we will do a lot a fixing up  along the way. The closing date has been pushed out a bit from the originally scheduled date. But all in all we are pretty excited.
This home buying process is new to us and it has definitely showed me some ugly things in my heart. I keep asking God to help me trust him through all of the details. Worrying accomplishes nothing. In the end it is JUST A HOUSE. It's all in God's hands, he knows what we need. We are hoping and praying that we can use this house to bless many others in the future. 
SO, that being said, who wants to come visit???!!!! =) 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Sweet Friend Visits

My sweet friend Ruthie came to visit all the way from California last week! I was so excited and happy that we were able to spend time together. We had some great chats, lots of coffee, and even packed up some boxes together for our upcoming move. She is a sweet friend and a huge blessing in my life! Thanks for coming Ruthie, love you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend in North Carolina

We had a lovely short vacation with Mark and Sherry last weekend. We are so blessed to live close to so many beautiful areas. Mark and Sherry booked a cabin for a few days and invited us to come with them for some of the time. We enjoyed a beautiful hike, delicious steaks, and some fun games together. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


Randy and I took a little date night to the opening Cabela's in Greenville, where he built the rock feature back in the fall. It was so special getting to see it completely finished. I felt like we were at an art show and this was Randy's masterpiece on display. I'm so proud of Randy and all his hard work! It truly paid off! If you're ever in the Greenville area, stop by and enjoy this mountain, completely made by the hands and hard work of a few men, my husband included. :) OK sorry for the happy/proud wife talk. ;)
Randy and his crew just finished a mountain almost identical to this one in Newark, Delaware in February, and they will be starting another one in Portland, Oregon at the end of this month.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Perk Beans

It's no secret Randy and I and the majority of our family absolutely LOVES coffee. Good coffee.
 So you can imagine our excitement when my brother Kenan learned the art and science of importing and roasting coffee himself. 
He roasted some with us at Christmas time, and oh, what a fascinating process!! Can you believe that it actually smells horrible during the roasting? Yep. 
Recently, Kenan and his sweet wife Brittney have expanded their coffee roasting skills and have started selling it locally and online! 
 Check out their Etsy shop to order some fresh, organic coffee for yourself. I've already had quite a bit of it, and I love it!
You can also find them on Facebook

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More from Washington

The pictures tell the story, but oh, what a fun weekend it was.
Randy and I are home in Greenville for the next few weeks, and then we will be going to the Portland, Oregon area for the next job, or at least that's the plan. Ha. Plans are very tentative these days, but we try to roll with it and have fun however it turns out!