Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We're Moving

Well, just blogs. :) 
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwich

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite quick sandwich lunches I've been enjoying lately. 
Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwhich
-toast bread
-cut 6-8 slices of cucumber
-thinly spread cream chews on both slices of bread
-lightly sprinkle cream cheese with dill weed and salt and pepper (I go pretty heavy on the salt though).

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nolan's Birth Story

Before I forget any more of the details, I wanted to write down Nolan's birth story. What an amazing day!

Nolan Scott Ferguson:
Born 5:37 pm, Thursday, June 11, 2015
7 lbs, 6 oz
21 3/4" long 

The week of Nolan's due date, my sister came to St Augustine. We were really hoping she would be here when he made his appearance but she had to go back to work 2 days before he was born. In hindsight though, she came at the best time. Being 41 weeks pregnant, I was so much more tired and sore, and just over the whole pregnant situation. So having my sister there to do fun things with helped get my mind off my growing belly. 

Starting at week 39 up until 41 and 4 days, I was having contractions almost every night. They never got very strong and would usually stop in the morning. On Wednesday, June 10, I was having contractions all day about 10-20 minutes apart. But I was already resigned to the fact that I was going to be pregnant the rest of my life. Ha! That's how it feels at least when you're almost 2 weeks late! I didn't give much thought to the contractions since they had been so hit and miss for the last couple weeks. So I continued on with my day running errands and getting one last mandatory ultrasound. I didn't mind seeing his squishy face one more time inside of me though. By that evening the contractions started getting a little stronger but I still wasn't convinced. Around 9 pm Randy had a hankering for some wings so he went to get some chicken while I tried to sleep. It was a no go. Contractions were steadily 10 minutes apart and starting to hurt more. When Randy came back I told him I really wanted a brownie, to which he replied "OK I'll go get you some! And do you want coke too?" Me, "um, yes!"
The kind Publix worker let him in after they'd already locked the doors. Thank you dear sir. This was about 10 pm now and eating through my brownie was a difficulty. I was starting to get convinced tonight was the night. Randy was able to get a great night of sleep, and I tried as best as I could.

Contractions kept up the whole night about 5 minutes apart. I hung out in the tub for relief most of the night and around 4 am I called my midwife, Samantha. She said I could come in whenever I was ready or I could wait until they were 3-4 minutes apart. I opted to sleep more at home but that next hour, they increased. At 5 am I got ready to leave and woke Randy. We made it to the birth center around 6 am and I was already 7 cm dilated. I was so excited that it probably wouldn't be much longer. 

Randy picked up Chick fill a breakfast for us and Samantha, who I later found out was puking it in the next room because she also just found out she's pregnant! :) I barely could down a biscuit with jelly and just wanted to rest. 

The birth room was so spacious and cozy with some nice comfy chairs for Randy and a big bed and tub for me. 
My back was hurting so bad as the baby continued to drop lower so the warm water in the tub and shower helped ease the pain so much! 

A few hours passed and more midwives come to help as well as a world class doula who was unexpectedly on my birth team! And oh what a blessing it was having her coaching. After several hours of no progression, Emily, the doula had me doing exercises to get baby in a better position so things would move along. Within an hour of those exercises I heard a popping sound with the hardest contraction yet. My water broke! The details and times are a blur because after my water broke the pain intensified and I was so tired. 

Shortly after that, though, around 5:00 pm, I got in the tub with Randy sitting behind me to prop me up, and it was time to push. This lasted about 30-45 minutes and baby started crowning. Samantha was a little concerned he was crowning for so long and decided to move me onto a birth stool. Wow! One more push and they were handing me my son! They immediately moved all three of us to the bed for some bonding. After a while They gave Randy the clippers to cut the cord. 
Everything else is a blur because I kept passing out, or so they told me. Although I do remember the pizza party! Since they couldn't let me go home yet since I was passing out, Randy ordered pizza for everyone and we had a little birthday party in the birth room. :) 

We stayed the night so they could monitor me and one of the sweet midwives offered to hold Nolan so we could sleep. And by 7 am we were cleared to leave! 

On our way home, we stopped at Chick fil a for breakfast again bad then realized it probably wasn't a great idea to take Nolan in public the day after he was born! Ha! And so began our clueless parenting adventure!

We learn more and love him more each day. Being mom and dad to Nolan is such a sweet blessing! 
Three sets of hands catching my baby, and my wonderful husband supporting me!
These are 2 out of the 5 wonderful ladies on my birth team. They were amazing!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Avion Bathroom

Well better late than never I guess. The bathroom has been finished for quite awhile now. Oh wait, scratch that, I guess I did just finally finish up the last paint touch ups the other day. So now we can say it's finally finished! Here are a few before and afters for you. 

The bathroom is pretty much just big enough to turn around in, so taking pictures of it is a challenge. 
So what did we do?
-New countertop and sink: Randy made a countertop out of cement and fiberglass.

-Trash can cubby: the original countertop had a door on it for a laundry basket, but we needed the space more for a trash can because there is literally no other place to put one in the bathroom. So again, Randy cut out a hole in the existing vanity and built a little cubby to put the trash can. And so now we have more counter space too!

-New blinds: out with the old yellowing shades and in with bright white faux wood blinds.

-New paint, of course! I repainted the rusting metal mirror cabinet. It was a bronze color and is now gray. Hardest thing ever to paint! Also, I wouldn't recommend painting in small quarters while pregnant, in case you were wondering. ;)
New paint on the walls too. The original color was a yellowish white (not pretty), new color is the palest gray. Unfortunately though, the shower is still a little yellowish. I would paint it if I could. HA!

-New shower curtain: again the other one was an ugly yellowish pattern and we replaced it with a gray striped curtain. This wasn't an easy task either because RV shower curtains aren't like home curtains. And 1984 Avion shower curtains are probably even more different. So I purchased a regular shower curtain and used the old one as a pattern to cut the right shape and size for the new one. 

-Stained cabinets: we also touched up all the stain on the wood cabinets and door.

Here are a few more after pictures:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's all a gift!

It's so easy to always be looking ahead. Planning for the next thing. Getting excited about a future event. And while there isn't really anything wrong with doing that, there's something so sweet about living in the joy of right now. 
God has blessed us abundantly with life, marriage, and a little boy. I don't want to take these things for granted or in any way wish this season away. 
Perhaps life on the road in a tiny house (trailer) with an infant is less than ideal, but hey! it's life right now and it's beautiful in its own tiny, messy way. 
So when I'm tempted to complain about not getting a full night's sleep, or having to load up in the car just to get baby to stop crying, or the difficulties that come with long road trips with an infant, I want to instead savor these moments. I want to savor the inconveniences in between the baby smiles and sweet laughs, because time moves on and these moments won't be forever. I want to enjoy it all because it's all a gift! 
Nolan at 2 months old. Columbia, SC

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life with Baby

1-2 weeks: So many sweet visitors came to see Nolan while we were in St. Augustine. The wonderful church we were apart of there was such a blessing to us and many of them brought meals that guest week.
Nolan moved from St. Augustine, FL to Columbia, SC at one week old. He was a trooper for the 5 hour car ride and we've since discovered he loves his car seat and long car rides, which is a good thing with all the traveling we do.
3-4 weeks: my parents and Abigail came from New York to meet Nolan. It was a sweet time with them. 
5-6 weeks: Life with Nolan has gotten so much easier in that we've figured out feedings and become more mobile. Nolan and I can now run errands without Daddy's help! 
My brother Jared and his wife Anna visited us last week. It's been so fun introducing our little man to this Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Though there are still many family members who haven't met him yet.
Nolan also got to meet his friend Caleb! What a sweet boy Caleb is too. He even offered his pacifier to Nolan. 
At his recent Dr's visit, we found out that not only is he a wonderfully healthy baby but he's also in the 95th percentile for his height! No surprise there being a Ferguson boy. 
Randy has played in a few volleyball tournaments recently and Nolan has been a champ cheering his Dad on. 

Well I won't bore you with detailed updates EVERY week, but thought I would get some of these memories and milestones typed out before I forget. 
We're loving life with our sweet baby boy! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nolan Scott

Nolan Scott Ferguson made his appearance Thursday, June 11th at 5:30pm. He weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 21 3/4" long. We're very thankful for a safe, natural and healthy delivery at a wonderful birth center. We were so well cared for. Birthing this baby without any kind of medication was definitely the hardest thing I've ever done, but this sweet boy in my arms was so worth it. He is such an amazing baby, we are so blessed!